Zoom Fitness Classes

On Line Virtual Classes

Zoom Virtual On Line Classes :

  • Kettlebell Class
  • Insanity HIIT Training Class
  • Kettlebell W/Loop Band Class

You will strengthen, tone, sculpt and shape the body while shedding the fat with the use of Kettlebells, Resistance Bands and body weight Classes.

Each workout brings a new challenge, so instead of hitting plateaus, you keep getting fitter with each class you attend! Plus, because kettlebells incorporates strength training, the lean muscle you build will supercharge your metabolism to help you burn more fat, even while you sleep!

  • Monday 9:30am Kettlebells 30 Minutes
  • Wednesday 9:30am Insanity HIIT 30 Minutes
  • Thursday 7pm Kettlebells W/Loop Bands 45 Minutes (Starts again September)