Personal Fitness Training | Testimonials

Hi Chantal,

I just wanted to drop you a quick email to say a BIG thank you! I actually can’t believe the change in my ability! I’ll be leaving the 4kg bell and using 6’s from now on!
I’m so happy with my progress and just wanted to thank you really!

You’ve been a total godsend with the work you’re doing! I never knew I could do this, was too scared to try but you’ve been so helpful and welcoming and I’ve never felt the chubby girl I am, but more so that I can exercise.
Those plank rows! I didn’t know I could even do those! So I’ve asked for a kettlebell for my birthday 😀
What a great pic! Thank you again xx
Viv Patel

I joined Chantal’s insanity class a few months ago in hopes of losing my baby weight, and I have to say the class is AMAZING and so much fun, you can literally feel the fat burning! I would recommend it to anyone, even if you think you’re unfit like myself.
Sumar Rahman

As soon as I was ready to start exercising after my second baby I joined Chantals kettle bell class. Five months on and I am really happy with my progress. Chantals classes are great, she is encouraging and engaging. I have even joined her P90x classes too! Never thought that I would actually look forward to exercising as much as I do now.
Kind regards


Kettlebell Class
Chantal, you provide the encouragement and environment to make me want to work as hard as I can to better my fitness levels. I’d never lifted a kettlebell before your class and now can say I feel comfortable in using them. The class size allows me still to feel that I am getting individual attention and maximizes my input.

Thanks again for helping me on this journey.


Since starting your classes a few months ago I have seen such a huge difference in my ability. You are a great instructor and each class is such a great work out. I look forward to your classes every week. I can’t thank you enough for helping me on my journey of getting fit!!


I have been doing Insanity with Chantal for the last 18 months and more recently I have also started P90X.

I never thought I would be able to manage classes like these but I now feel stronger and my fitness has also improved – I am addicted! I am on such a high afterwards and really feel like I have worked my whole body hard.

Chantal is a wonderful trainer, she encourages us to DIG DEEPER and stay motivated, she also explains every move and ensures we are doing it correctly.

Sarah M

Chantal is a fantastic personal trainer. Focused, organized and committed to make a difference for all the people she trains. We have achieved phenomenal results together and she is the BEST !!

Francis H

An excellent trainer, who has enabled me to get a high level of all round fitness and strength. She has helped me maintain my fitness even though I have had various injuries at certain times.

Insanity P90X
What can I say…. there is no let up, exhausting but great fun and the benefits show even after only a few weeks!


Chantal is a brilliant trainer, she pushes you hard but knows your limits, and alters exercises to suit your needs. She always makes me feel comfortable both in personal training sessions and in classes. Kettle bells is a great class and you really notice improvements in your body and general fitness in just a few weeks. I highly recommend Chantal to anyone that is looking to get the best out of their fitness potential. Kelly Ashton

I am now on my third course of kettlebells classes and am amazed with my progress and increased strength over the past few months. I have a very complex knee injury and Chantal always gives me two or three versions of the exercise to ensure I am working the correct muscle group being exercised. She is very professional,extremely knowledgeable and an excellent motivator. Thank you Chantal.

Candice N

Chantal’s Kettlebell class is the first i’ve ever done and despite finding it one of the toughest physical classes i’ve ever done, Chantal’s energy, instruction and motivation means that I now actually enjoy it! Who knew!? Chantal makes the class fun, but hard work and she keeps changing it up to keep it interesting. She is incredibly welcoming and supportive of all levels of shape, size and fitness – a real motivating force.

Sarah N